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Fun Days
and Wow Days

We aim to launch each new area of learning with a 'Wow Day' and enjoy a 'Fun themed Day' each term. Please see the examples below.

Before Christmas we worked in family teams to complete a range of Christmas crafts.


To start our History theme for the Spring term 2020, 'What have we learned from the past?', we had a mysterious visitor who left large muddy footprints in the playground. The visitor left Class 3 some artefacts to discover and investigate .....

Class 3 made edible Roman roads. They learnt that Roman roads have 3 layers: a foundation which was often made of stone, a middle layer made of sand or gravel and a surface made of gravel or paving stones. We made our layers out of different tyrpes of biscuit and icing! We enjoyed making them and eating them! To finish our History learning on the Romans, we had a Roman feast. We dressed up in togas, enjoyed Roman entertainment and ate Roman food including roast dormice (we had chocolate ones!), cheese, grapes and homemade honey cake - yum!


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday aka 'Pancake Day' by eating homemade pancakes with a choice of toppings cooked and served in our 'pop-up pancake parlour'! In Worship we learnt about the meaning behind Shrove Tuesday.


On World Book Day we love coming to school dressed as our favourite characters from books. Our theme in 2020 was poems and rhymes. We enjoyed a carousel of activities that included writing our own poems about our values, playing nursery rhyme bingo and crafts linked to famous rhymes.


World Book Day 2021 was a little different to usual. Both the children in school and at home (due to Covid 19 lockdown) dressed up. We enjoyed seeing home learners on 'Teams'. All of the children had made a huge effort! All activities were linked to books and reading. In school the focus was Julia Donaldson books and the children enjoyed taking part in a range of drama and art activities. There was also a fun quiz based on children's books to enjoy.


Lockdown Birthday Parties

While children have been unable to celebrate their special day, we have been hosting termly class birthday parties in school!


Vocabulary Wow Day - 24 March 2021

We had a fantastic day when we came to school dressed up as a word. The teachers couldn't believe how creative we had been! During the day we completed lots of fun activities which included making a human dictionary, a vocabulary treasure hunt, finding synonyms for our words, writing rhyming poems where each line contained seven syllables and creating our own dwarf to match our teachers who came dressed as the seven dwarfs.


Sports Day 2021

Due to Covid 19, our Sports Day was a little different this year. The children took part in traditional races throughout the morning. We all had a great time!