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Early Years
Foundation Stage (EYFS)

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EYFS Timetable

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Spring 1 2020 - What have we learned from the past?

Autumn 1 2019 - Why do we remember people?

Autumn 2 2019 - Where on earth?

Special Stories

The children in Class1 have been reading special stories from the Bible.  We have read the following stories ….

* The Creation Story; we talked about how Christians believe that God created our universe and what he did on each day.  We discussed how we need to care for the world that God created. 

* Noah’s Ark - the children painted their own animals to go into the Ark.

* Joseph’s Colourful Coat - we made our own coats from fabric and coloured them using fabric pens. 

* Jesus Calms the Storm - we made a story wheel. 

* Jonah and the Whale - we  made peg whales with Jonah inside.