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50 things to
do before you're 9

At St Peter's CE Academy, Alton we care for the whole child. One of our aims is that all children will leave with the confidence, compassion and experience that will enable them to tackle a wide range of situations.

Children take part in the '50 things to do before you're 9'  initiative throughout the school. They are encouraged to try new activites and learn new skills. Between joining Nursery at age 3 and leaving the school aged 9, the children aim to complete the 50 tasks designed to challenge them and deliver a wide range of experiences. To launch the initiative the children learnt circus skills from a circus professional, they have made rafts that float with a toy on board, they have held a scary beast, hunted for bugs, performed on stage, completed a golden mile with plenty more challenges ahead!

Click here to see to see some of the activities in 2018/19

So far in 2019/20 the children have enjoyed:

Learn to play an instrument - one of our 50 things to do before you are 9 is to learn an instrument. As well as learning to play the violin and ukelele in Key Stage 2, we all loved learning to play the African drums and picked different rhythms up quickly!


Hold a scary beast - one of our families brought in a selection of creatures from their mini beast collection for us to look at and handle.                   


Playing in the snow - we had a sudden downfall of snow and seized the opportunity for some fun.....