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 National Day of Reflection - 23 March 2021

On National Day of Reflection, 23 March 2021,  we all spent time thinking about our year. We held a minutes silence to consider everything that had happened in the last twelve months. Lots of us had positives from the year, these included spending more time with our families and enjoying lots of beautiful walks around our local area.

Class 3:


Class 2:


Class 1:

In Class 1, we spent time reflecting on the past year and we talked about hoping for a brighter future. We made yellow suncatcher hearts to remember and to show our love for all those that have lost their lives. 

We took part in a ‘Growing Spring Flower’ guided mediation activity.  We imagined we were a tiny seed and wrapped ourselves up tight as if we were asleep in the soft soil.  We concentrated on our breathing, counting 2, 3, 4, hold 2, 3, 4, out.  We slowly began to move, stretch and grow towards the ceiling.  When we were fully grown we imagined that our leaves were gently moving in the wind. 



Our Outdoor Reflection Area

The children have planned and developed their own space for being quiet and reflecting.